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'Lawnchairs' 7"
Shaped Picture Disk


NOTE: This was an exclusive for Record Store Day 2015. We have a handful of copies after some Extra Stock was recently found!

OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING were one of the most underrated American electronic bands of the early 80’s and ‘Lawnchairs’ is perhaps the proof! So it is, for the first time since it’s original release, FUTURISMO give you this incredible reissue for Record Store Day on Limited Edition 7” Picture Disk.

In 1980 this was the sound of the future, one that still hasn’t quite come to pass, ODW were distinct in that they employed a punchy, energised and even slightly aloof take on electropop, one that stayed true to their punk and rock ‘n roll upbringing, an authenticity that drove them to play all electronic instruments live without the aid of any sequencers.

OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING have posthomously been described as Synthpunk, along with other early innovators such as Units and Screamers, yet despite this, they knew how to write a pop song. ‘Lawnchairs’ instated them in the clubland etha by becoming a instant dance floor hit…and it’s easy to see why, as the track appealed to those who sought those commercial hooks pop demands, as it did those who appreciated it’s more avant garde edge and experimental sensibilities. ‘Lawnchairs’ became the bands trademark and it remains a high point in the history of the synthesized pop.

For a limited time only FUTURISMO give you the opportunity to own a part of that history. Including the superior original version of ‘Lawnchairs’ and the original B-side ‘Airline’, this 7” picture disk is part shaped image / part ultra clear vinyl and is set against a printed insert, neatly housed within a clear heavy plastic sleeve with flap. Also included is a free download of both tracks.

NOTE: Limited Edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2015.
Only a few leftover copies are available!

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